Lecture and Book: Dr. John McDougall/The Starch Solution


Dr John McDougall: Presentation UCDavis MEd Center: The Starch Solution

The Starch Solution is going to revolutionize the way most people think of ”CARBS”. It is so good to know from Dr. John McDougall that starch is not only not BAD but are the very food we NEED to feel satisfied, give us energy and keep the weight off!

I tell my clients that I eat about 6 potatoes a day, and since I have my correct body weight, they look at me in shock! I have a lot of Irish, Scottish stock and we all love our potatoes. Did you know that if all you had to eat for a year or more was potatoes, you could survive and survive well..they are so nutritious! And you could eat them every day, as much as you like, and never be over weight? You will learn this in his book.True story. The more potatoes I eat, the smaller my waistline!

Please pre order your book from Dr. John McDougall: the Starch Solution. It will be out the first week of May. They may have to publish more  before the first edition as there are so many pre orders pending! I have no financial connection to his book but this Dr. John McDougall is the one who saved my life 22 years ago…I was overweight, sick and had cancer, fibroid tumors, 358 total cholesterol and was an aerobic instructor!!! I got well in just weeks after following the McDougall food plan and BEST part: I could eat whenever hungry without counting calories, carbs, fats, proteins! How does one measure daily fats, carbs and proteins daily anyway? Ridiculous! On McDougall life style…you call all you need of fats, carbs, and protein…and you do not have to bother with getting on scale or measuring your food, or eating small portions! I cannot believe it still!

I am going to have my baked potato fries now with my cheezy beany sauce: Put in food processor: I can white beans, drained and rinsed. 2 cups Nutritional Yeast (get in bulk section at Whole Foods Market), juice of 2 lemons, 1or 2 Tablespoon of both Onion and Garlic powder, 1/8 cup low sodium Tamari sauce, a little non dairy milk for creaminess or to texture you like, put in sauce pan and warm up for 5 minutes to bubbly. I put red pepper flakes in too for spicy..optional. Dip your baked fries or pour over steamed red or gold potatoes! YUM!

Happy, satisfied and McDougall girl!


Colleen Patrick Goudreau on KQED radio for an hour today!!

Why is this important? Colleen is one of the leading advocates for vegan eating, animal compassion in the world today. Also, Chloe, who I do not yet know, was on the program and did a wonderful job answering questions on veganism as well. They are both cooks and have their own cookbooks.

Colleen is so masterful and please look up her website: Compassionate Cooks…tell her LInda Middlesworth sent you!! I am her friend and her fan!

Fund Raiser for Animal Place! Brunch and hear Jeffrey Masson!

This is Kim…and one of her rescued piggies.. Please join us for a Benefit for Animal Place AND hear the amazing Jeffrey Masson, suthor of The Face on Your Plate! Brunch as well. Please prepay online to Eventbrite: <a href=”http://benefitanimalplacejeffreymasson.eventbrite.com?ref=elink” target=”_blank” style=”color:#005580″>Text for link</a>

$30 per person. Animal Place just rescued well over 4,000 starving hens! They thank you and so does everyone at Animal Place!

Had Cal Family Fitness Class 1: Cancer Project: Foods for Life Class, PCRM

Why We Need Food for Life Classes

HI all, My Cancer Project: Foods for Life Class Nutrition and Cooking Class abou tHow Foods Help Promote Cancer Prevention and Survival. This was held last weekend at California Family Fitness Gym! The reviews I received were all positive and I so hope I can continue these life saving classes there! The informational video from Dr. Neal Barnard on just how foods work in our bodies to either promote cancer cells or stop them from proliferating is knowledge we ALL need to know. I love Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for certifying me and allowing me (and Emily Barth Webber also) to teach these powerful classes as this information needs to be revealed! !FFLFlyer Cal Fit

If you know of any organization or group who could benefit from Foods for Life Classes, please contact me at 916-798-5516!

Compassion is Sexy, Go Vegan Women’s T-shirts on sale now!

Hi all, here we go! I just love the fit and and the V-neck and this nice red color! For questions and ordering and info on sizes, email me and I will send you your shirt! Linda: veganmentor@gmail.com. Price is $16 per shirt with a $2.00 shipping charge. The small profit will go directly to support Sacramento Vegan Society, our Society of compassionate and sexy people who care about others…or are trying to find out how to become vegan. Even if one is not yet aware of the consequences of eating dairy, eggs or animal flesh, Sacramento Vegan Society is providing ongoing education to help all persons “awaken”. We have wonderful speakers, DVDs, movie films, cooking and nutrition classes and just a way to connect to people seeking a way to protect all beings, not just our pets. Did you know that by going vegan, you could stop the suffering of chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys, lambs, fish, bunnies, turtles, geese and countless other sentient beings who do not deserve the pain we humans inflict on them every second of every day? Did you know that by going vegan, you can regain your own health, and if you eat “healthy” vegan foods, you can lose the unwanted extra pounds, lose your heart disease, lose and survive most cancers, lose your type 2 diabetes?

We want you with us! We are having a blast educating the world, one person at a time! Linda, VeganMentor

Sacramento VegFest 2012 was a blast!

Ok, Who knew that so many people would come out for a VegFest? Sacramento is in the shadow of San Fransisco but we are really starting to “awaken” people here. I bet we had nearly 1,800 people checking out healthy living ideas and food. My sidekick Rae and I are flanking our Sacramento Vegan Society Sign…it has the most important quote ever on it and I hope you all ponder its meaning. Our new Women’s T-shirts are for sale now. Just call me at 916-798-5516 for prices. They are 100% cotton and fitted with the words:c o m p a s s i o n   i s   s e x y on top and under it says in script: Go Vegan!

They sold well at Vegfest! Compassionate people ARE sexy. Period!

Linda, Sac Vegan Society sign, Rae at Vegfest 2012

We hosted the wonderful Dr. Neal Barnard in Sacramento!

What a wonderful, standing room only event we hosted for Dr. Neal Barnard. (shown in the middle) With the help of PCRM’s Missy Woodward, we pulled off a sold out crowd for the Private Reception for Dr. Neal Barnad and the huge venue presentation for almost 400 people at the Artisan Building. As always, Dr. Neal delivers a powerful presentation and lecture and everyone enjoys both his humor and his profound knowledge about healthful living…all vegan of course!

Dr. Don Forrester, Beth Forrester, Linda and Dave Middlesworth

Supplements, Juice Plus, Protein Powders

It is so easy to fall prey to all the supplemental forms of food out there. It is so simple to pay for the magic bullet that will make you feel better, look better and think better, get stronger, have more energy, lose 10 years off your age! If we believed all who pushed the whey and protein powders, the fruit and veggies in pill format, we would have empty wallets and may have harmed our bodies. We know that putting food in pill format is too concentrated and can interfere with your hormones or throw other chemicals in your body off. We know that protein powders, even if soy based, are too concentrated and our bodies are no longer getting the beautiful synergy of phyto nutrients and chemicals our bodies receive when we eat whole foods, not isolated forms of food. Supplements, powders, and Juice Plus are nothing but big money makers for the people who produce them. In fact, the vitamin and supplement industries are far larger than the drug companies! So, please, save your money and purchase whole foods, plant based, from a variety of colors!

So tasty and fresh!