Lecture and Book: Dr. John McDougall/The Starch Solution


Dr John McDougall: Presentation UCDavis MEd Center: The Starch Solution

The Starch Solution is going to revolutionize the way most people think of ”CARBS”. It is so good to know from Dr. John McDougall that starch is not only not BAD but are the very food we NEED to feel satisfied, give us energy and keep the weight off!

I tell my clients that I eat about 6 potatoes a day, and since I have my correct body weight, they look at me in shock! I have a lot of Irish, Scottish stock and we all love our potatoes. Did you know that if all you had to eat for a year or more was potatoes, you could survive and survive well..they are so nutritious! And you could eat them every day, as much as you like, and never be over weight? You will learn this in his book.True story. The more potatoes I eat, the smaller my waistline!

Please pre order your book from Dr. John McDougall: the Starch Solution. It will be out the first week of May. They may have to publish more  before the first edition as there are so many pre orders pending! I have no financial connection to his book but this Dr. John McDougall is the one who saved my life 22 years ago…I was overweight, sick and had cancer, fibroid tumors, 358 total cholesterol and was an aerobic instructor!!! I got well in just weeks after following the McDougall food plan and BEST part: I could eat whenever hungry without counting calories, carbs, fats, proteins! How does one measure daily fats, carbs and proteins daily anyway? Ridiculous! On McDougall life style…you call all you need of fats, carbs, and protein…and you do not have to bother with getting on scale or measuring your food, or eating small portions! I cannot believe it still!

I am going to have my baked potato fries now with my cheezy beany sauce: Put in food processor: I can white beans, drained and rinsed. 2 cups Nutritional Yeast (get in bulk section at Whole Foods Market), juice of 2 lemons, 1or 2 Tablespoon of both Onion and Garlic powder, 1/8 cup low sodium Tamari sauce, a little non dairy milk for creaminess or to texture you like, put in sauce pan and warm up for 5 minutes to bubbly. I put red pepper flakes in too for spicy..optional. Dip your baked fries or pour over steamed red or gold potatoes! YUM!

Happy, satisfied and McDougall girl!


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  1. For the most part, Chinese food IS fried food !However, some rice and vegetables and some lean meat (like hiccken) with not too much sauce is a much better lunch than anything from McDonald’s.Go to Subway or another sandwich place, or try for a soup and salad.References :

  2. Well I tried this in place of potatoes.. Of cosure I got it fromsomeone on difo:-).I steamed a bowl of cauliflower until very tender. I used the microwave. Once tender enough, I mashed until it was smooth (like mashed potatoes). I then added a small amount of garlic powder, chives and sea salt for taste.My family loved it and the kids thought it was creamed potatoes and chives, LOL. Just a suggestion as it is very healthy and non fat.Hope you feel better.

  3. That works!I also chop them up into small cubes, add some fresh, chopped ttooames and onions, and a little garlic and some lemon juice, for a great tasting salad.You can do a lot of things with the amazing avocado!

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