Supplements, Juice Plus, Protein Powders

It is so easy to fall prey to all the supplemental forms of food out there. It is so simple to pay for the magic bullet that will make you feel better, look better and think better, get stronger, have more energy, lose 10 years off your age! If we believed all who pushed the whey and protein powders, the fruit and veggies in pill format, we would have empty wallets and may have harmed our bodies. We know that putting food in pill format is too concentrated and can interfere with your hormones or throw other chemicals in your body off. We know that protein powders, even if soy based, are too concentrated and our bodies are no longer getting the beautiful synergy of phyto nutrients and chemicals our bodies receive when we eat whole foods, not isolated forms of food. Supplements, powders, and Juice Plus are nothing but big money makers for the people who produce them. In fact, the vitamin and supplement industries are far larger than the drug companies! So, please, save your money and purchase whole foods, plant based, from a variety of colors!

So tasty and fresh!

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