Compassion is Sexy, Go Vegan Women’s T-shirts on sale now!

Hi all, here we go! I just love the fit and and the V-neck and this nice red color! For questions and ordering and info on sizes, email me and I will send you your shirt! Linda: Price is $16 per shirt with a $2.00 shipping charge. The small profit will go directly to support Sacramento Vegan Society, our Society of compassionate and sexy people who care about others…or are trying to find out how to become vegan. Even if one is not yet aware of the consequences of eating dairy, eggs or animal flesh, Sacramento Vegan Society is providing ongoing education to help all persons “awaken”. We have wonderful speakers, DVDs, movie films, cooking and nutrition classes and just a way to connect to people seeking a way to protect all beings, not just our pets. Did you know that by going vegan, you could stop the suffering of chickens, pigs, cows, turkeys, lambs, fish, bunnies, turtles, geese and countless other sentient beings who do not deserve the pain we humans inflict on them every second of every day? Did you know that by going vegan, you can regain your own health, and if you eat “healthy” vegan foods, you can lose the unwanted extra pounds, lose your heart disease, lose and survive most cancers, lose your type 2 diabetes?

We want you with us! We are having a blast educating the world, one person at a time! Linda, VeganMentor

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