Had Cal Family Fitness Class 1: Cancer Project: Foods for Life Class, PCRM

Why We Need Food for Life Classes

HI all, My Cancer Project: Foods for Life Class Nutrition and Cooking Class abou tHow Foods Help Promote Cancer Prevention and Survival. This was held last weekend at California Family Fitness Gym! The reviews I received were all positive and I so hope I can continue these life saving classes there! The informational video from Dr. Neal Barnard on just how foods work in our bodies to either promote cancer cells or stop them from proliferating is knowledge we ALL need to know. I love Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine for certifying me and allowing me (and Emily Barth Webber also) to teach these powerful classes as this information needs to be revealed! !FFLFlyer Cal Fit

If you know of any organization or group who could benefit from Foods for Life Classes, please contact me at 916-798-5516!

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