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Linda Middlesworth, B.A., Certified Plant  Nutrition, Cornell, Cancer Project/Nutrition and Cooking Instructor, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer/Aerobic Instructor, AFAA,   Organizer: Sacramento Vegan Society and Savvy Vegan Fitness Mentor

About 22 years ago, I moved to Sacramento. Being married with three children and a career as a graphic designer was the good part. I was not doing very well physically as I had heart disease with a total

cholesterol of 358. I was 30 lbs. overweight and had fibroid tumors. I had been a vegetarian for 10 years and cheese was my addiction. Even though I exercised by running and/or doing step, hi lo, kickboxing and weight training, I could not lose the extra weight. I had thyroid cancer so had it medically stopped completely.  I feared for my life. I had a large, benign breast tumor removed but the doctor told me it was not caused by diet…and I tried hard to believe him.  Even then, his words did not “sit” right with me and I doubted him even though he was wearing his white, doctor coat. Correctly thinking that my health was compromised, I had stopped smoking cigarettes shortly after moving to Sacramento!

My new neighbor told me about Dr. John McDougall’s work in Santa Rosa and said that I could rid myself of my health issues if I just did his program. I went down that very day, bought his book called: “The 12 Day Program”, read it from cover to cover, followed it and never went back. At first I was not a true “McDougaller” though. I was so enamored with mock veggie-meats; I ate veggie hot dogs, burgers, bologna, ham, etc. so as not to miss my old eating habits. And, I did not skip the oils completely either.  I did lose 15 lbs. but was still not totally healthy.

After one week of being vegan, my neighbor told me to read, “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer. I read it, cried and then became vegan for “animal protection” reasons as well. I had always been a lover of all animals and when I read about the suffering we caused animals just so we could selfishly dine on their carcasses and eat their mammary secretions, I could no longer be a part of such cruel eating habits. When I “woke up” to the truth that is so carefully hidden by our culture, I decided to dedicate my life to expose this cruelty being committed on other beings. I participate in vegan outreach and education every chance possible. Non human animals deserve to live without pain, mate, have and keep their own children and just be here on earth for their own reasons and with their own consciousness.

For the last 10 years, I have made a big effort to become a “healthy” vegan. I became a Certified Aerobic Instructor and Personal Trainer and began eating whole foods minus the added oils unless I was at someone’s home or out to eat. I lost 15 more lbs. I stepped it up the last few years and have really tried to avoid added oils even when going out. It is not always easy but I do my best. I do not have any added oils at home and now use dates or date paste as my ”whole food” sugars instead of raw sugar or agave nectar.

I feel better now than when I was in my early forties and I will be 68 very soon. Now, with optimal health myself, I have the courage to coach others how to eat foods to help them live with vibrant health and at their ideal body weight. I became Certified in Plant Nutrition, Cornell University, and then became Certified as a Cancer Project: Food for Life Instructor, Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine. With my VeganMentor business, I have watched people make enormous changes with weight loss and discover prevention and reversal from heart disease, diabetes and many cancers. From my studies, I know that our food choices are largely based on cultural myths. Added oils, i.e. olive oil, are processed foods and can not only make us obese, but can promote heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, digestive disorders, etc. I always help my clients avoid oils now. I help my clients learn that eating whole foods, plant based (vegan) from the four food groups (legumes, grains, veggies and fruits) is the key to vibrant, disease free human health. Besides the health changes people make under my mentoring, the most rewarding experience of my career is the “aha” moment from my clients when they make the connection with non human animals. When people “see” the cruelty involved with their food choices for the first time, they often cry or become very saddened. But shortly thereafter, I have new allies on board that want to help the voiceless and they, for the first time, want to truly live compassionately. Not one person, who still eats the bodies of others or their products, can be compassionate. As Colleen Patrick Goudreau says. “Most people want to live according to their humane, core values.” It is so nice when my clients, friends and family actually realize how to do this.

I hope my story will inspire you. I am here to help and become your VeganMentor. Please join me on Facebook VeganMentor: http://www.facebook.com/VeganMentor

Cancer Project: Food for Life Instructor, PCRM
Certified Personal Trainer/Aerobic Instructor, AFAA
Certified Plant Nutrition, Cornell University
Organizer, Sacramento Vegan Society: www.sacramentovegansociety.com
VeganMentor Health Coach: www.veganmentor.com

Email: veganmentor@gmail.com
Phone: 916-798-5516

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    • I would understand vesatarianigm, but veganism? Stuff like not drinking mild is stupid, i mean, why not? It hurts the cow if you don’t milk it and if it’s not going to calves

      • Shirley, milk belongs to a baby cow. Milk has natural hormones to grow a baby cow from 60 lbs. to 700 lbs. in 6 months! If you want to grow fat, get diabetes, grow growth hormones for cancer in your body, go ahead and steal the milk meant for a baby cow away from her or him!

      • We are the only species to drink milk meant for cow babies. We need to wean from our human mother’s milk at young age and let the baby cows rightfully have their mother’s milk! it is not only unnatural, but is is harmful for humans to take in the casein found in cow milk. This causes some cancers, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Please inform yourself by watching the movie: Forks over Knives on Netflix. Then after you see this film (can get it on Netflix), feel free to email back! Thank you for being interested in good health, health that does not harm other creatures.

      • Dear Shirley, cow milk is meant for baby calves…not humans. How silly and stupid for humans to drink cow mama milk…why not drink from your own mama as an adult? Why drink from an adult mama cow? Crazy, cruel and milk is like liquid meat…3 glasses a day are the equivalent of eating 21 slices of bacon! Milk caauses obesity, diabetes, heart disease, auto immune disease and CAMCER…need cow milk…NO!!!
        And just look at this if you do not believe me: http://freefromharm.org/videos/educational-inspiring-talks/philip-wollen-australian-philanthropist-former-vp-of-citibank-makes-blazing-animal-rights-speech/

  1. In addition, plpoee evolved because we had the ability to eat meat. Meat has a much higher energy content per gram than plant matter, that is an indisputable fact- which allows us less time to look for food. It is the reason we had time to think about farming, domestication, etc. Otherwise we were foragers, much like cows are. And what have cows accomplished? Becoming dominated by a more intelligent species. And to think some vegans call meat eaters “de-evolved.” Funny.

    • Evolve pls to a humane, healthy vegan diet for your own health, the voiceless animals who deserve protection and you will then be living true to your now suppressed humane, core valuesz.

      • I am so glad that I found your blog today. About 8 weeks ago I went vegetarian (mostly Vegan with the expitceon of mozzarella cheese which I have no good reason for still wanting and eating) I had been breastfeeding my daughter for the past 8 months and when my milk supply changed and her sleeping habits changed I got worried, called my doctor and asked if it was about the vegetarian shift and I was basically chastised by every one. I became so worried that I was harming my baby I started eating meat and cheese again. The milk supply and the bad sleeping continued and I felt so angry that I had given up something that was making ME feel better. Thank you for re-inspiring me.

        • Look up Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicne, Dr. Neal Barnard. The healthiest babies and moms are vegan! Your doctor is uninformed. Look up Dr. Michael Klapper and Dr. John McDougall, the leaders in plant bassed, vegan nutrition. Dairy is the most harmful food or drink you can put in your body. It is number one for Cancer Cell proliferation as it is meant to grow tissue of baby cows, not humans!

        • Good job. Please look up this book and buy: The Starch Solution, by Dr. John McDougall. In there you will understand the harm of dairy…it is actually worse than meat for humans…and addictive. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Cornell states that: “Dairy (in milk, yogurt, cheese or any form) is the most significant carcinogenic discovery of our time!)”
          It is highly addictive due to the queso-morphine in there and all dairy is 87$ casein…the protein that promotes IGF-1 causes cancer cell proliferation.

        • Go to Dr. Michael Klapper and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicne and you will see that vegan babies are the healthiest…Dairy can cause excess estrogen and obesity and heart disease…Dairy is meant for a baby cow to make cow tissue grow…not meant for humans.

        • Dairy is meant for baby cows. Go to Dr. John McDougall website and research the myriad of health issues for humans, and babies especially! We are NOT cows and there is too much casien/protein in cow milk for humans and it is acid load, thus causing IGF-1 Hormone and this is a known cancer cell proliferator! Dairy causes asthma, heart disease, Chron’s Disease, and there a links to leukemia and autism…please take yourself off dairy, meat and eggs!

        • Most doctors and or nutritionists know of the past nutritional information which we now know is harmful for humans. Our bodies are meant to eat plants, not the flesh or secretions of other beings. Fortunately, the awareness of this is startingto take off and more people are taking their own health in their own hands and then they inform their doctor to do the same!

          Doctors and Nutritionists who have not kept up in reading and research are behind the 8 ball and when their patients seem to know more than they do, they become threatened.

          I am not saying to avoid your doctor or nutritionist..just buy each one a copy of THE CHINA STUDY and give them the movie called: FORKS OVER KNIVES and then they can also SEE how to go about helping their patients!

    • Sherin, the longest, most civilized nations in the world were on starch based diet. Meat causes heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, and all kids of other chronic diseases as our bodies are not meant to ingest flesh of other anmals. Look at the strength of stallions, the giant elephants…plant eaters…

      Energy comes from starches…plants!

  2. for hair and skin, J/A/S/O/N doesn’t test on animals, eetihnr do Tom’s of Maine (they do things like toothpaste, mouthwash, deoderant) Simply Basics does lotion, body wash and body scrub, Body and Earth Spa does body scrubfor makeup E.L.F doesn’t test on animals has a lot of vegan makeup, which does not use animal testingGood Luck =) well done with avoiding animal tested products!!

  3. i turned vegan 2 years ago after ieesng a show on tv kill em cook em eat em i ate it one time after then saw from from farm to factory i think its called its on my page i dont touch it now or eggs or fish barely milk 2 i dont feel less energetic meat makes me think of eating humans to much i also watched cannibalist holistic 2 that put me off 4 good

  4. You stop harm to all beings possible! Only you can make humane choices and only you can live as best you can without harm to our fellow beings!

  5. Thanks for ALL you do, Linda! Why am I still amazed at the negative comments made by denial-crippled omnivores who, completely unprovoked (except that they come across something that pokes at their conscience), try to make arguments against veganism? How can someone argue that compassion can EVER be wrong? *shakes head*

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