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Meet Linda

Hey there! I’m Linda Middlesworth, and my number one passion and goal in life is to teach others how going vegan can improve human health, help animals, and protect our environment.


A Food for Life nutrition and cooking instructor for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a vegan health coach at my own business, VeganMentor, I help vegan advocacy groups by organizing demonstrations and rescuing animals.

Education & Training

  • Cancer Project Food for Life Instructor, PCRM
  • Certified Plant Nutrition, Cornell University by T. Colin Campbell, PhD
  • Certified in The Starch Solution by John McDougall MD
  • Affiliate Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  • Organizer, Sacramento Vegan Society

  • Co-Organizer for Sacramento Animal Rights

  • Co-organizer for Sacramento Animal and Health Save

  • Grassroots Volunteer for for PETA, MFA, DXE, Humane League, Animal Outlook


Jan. 19, 2019

Vegan Mentoring Award

Linda’s Vegan Mentoring Award from Social Compassion in Legislation shown here with with her son, Darren Middlesworth, v-dog President at SCIL Gala.

Linda’s Story

About 30 years ago, I moved to Sacramento. The good part: I was married with 3 children and growing my career as a Graphic Designer. The bad part: I was extremely unhealthy – 50 lbs. overweight with heart disease and thyroid cancer.

The doctors told me my cancer was likely not caused by my diet. While I wanted to believe them, their words didn’t sit right with me.

I feared for my life.

My neighbor recommended reading “The McDougall Program: 12 Days to Dynamic Health.” I willfully, and hopefully, followed her advice. I read it from cover to cover, followed it, and haven’t looked back since. “Animal Liberation” by Peter Singer opened my eyes to being vegan for animal protection reasons as well.

For the last 10 years, I have dedicated my life to being a “healthy” vegan and teaching others about the rich health rewards of making vegan choices.

Our food choices are largely based on cultural myths. Processed foods can not only make us obese, but can promote heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, and digestive disorders.

Eating whole foods, plant based (vegan) from the four food groups (beans, grains, vegetables, and fruits) is the key to vibrant, disease-free healthy life.

Besides the health changes people make under my mentoring, the most rewarding experience of my career is the “aha” moment from my clients when they make the connection with non human animals.

As Colleen Patrick Goudreau says:

“Most people want to live according to their humane, core values.” It is so nice when my clients, friends and family actually realize how to do this.

Friends, Family, and M.D.'s

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