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Hi. I’m Wanda Huberman. I’m the Executive Director of the National Health Association which produces a quarterly magazine titled Health Science. If you send your email to me at:, I will be happy to email you a free pdf issue of the fall issue which includes an article by NHA member and speaker, Linda Middlesworth. I will put a link in the comments section.
The facebook groups The Whole Food Plant Based Support Group and Eat for the Earth are currently presenting a free program titled 31 Days of Inspiration to Heal, Plant Powered Food for Life and this presentation by Linda Middlesworth is part of their program.
I’m so pleased to introduce Linda Middlesworth who has been vegan for 33 years. She is certified in Plant Nutrition with T. Colin Campbell; certified in the Starch Solution with Dr. John McDougall, certified in graphic design at UC Davis. She is also an affiliate member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and owner of V-Dog Food, a vegan dog food company for 15 years. Linda is a fitness instructor at California Family Fitness where she teaches step, cardio dance, weight training, and kickboxing. She is a Personal Trainer, AFAA. B.A. German Language and Literature. Linda is also a Food for Life Nutrition and Cooking Instructor for Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and a Vegan Mentor Health Coach. She is the Organizer of the Sacramento Vegan Society with 4,700. members. As an animal lover, she co-organized Sacramento Animal Rights and Sacramento Animal Save.
We are all in a for a treat as Linda is going to show us how to make a delicious Cauliflower Pizza. She used to love making pizza with dairy cheese, but now she has an alternative, plant based healthy version.

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